Job Name: Frank
Job Description: Removed stumps, replaced leach field, regraded / reseeded.

Job Name: Roosevelt
Job Description: Foundation drains, waterproofing and insulation, gutter drains, curtain (perimeter) drains, constructed back deck, land clearing and grading, topsoil, seed and hay, landscaping, mulch

Job Name: Newburgh
Job Description: New septic tank, leach field, leader drains, retaining walls, UniLock driveway, land clearing, stump removal, regrading, seed and hay

Job Name: Swing Set
Job Description: Graded to level, stone base beneath mulch for drainage, regraded, seed

Job Name: Stump
Job Description: Removal of large tree stump, topsoil, fill, seed to come this Spring

Job Name: Covered Bridge
Job Description: Foundation drains, leader drains, gutter drains, waterproofing, redirected water flow, brush removal, regrading, added mulch, planted shrubs

Job Name: Deloris
Job Description: Curtain (perimeter) drain, planted trees, extended driveway, land clearing, decorative boulder placement, regrading, hydroseeding

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